Spiral Abyss Guide
by the Genshin Helper Team

Current Blessing

Duration: December 1st - 15th
Shards from Crystallize reactions give you 1 stack of Extract. Each stack gives active character 8% DMG for 10s (max 3 stacks).
When characters possessing 3 stacks obtain more Crystallize reaction-created shards, they will unleash a shockwave that deals True DMG to opponents (max once every 3 seconds)


  • Shockwaves damage scales with the floor

Future blessings

December 16th - 31st
When there is a Geo construct near your active character, your Charged Attacks deal 30% more DMG and the Stamina they consumed is decreased by 50%.
January 1st - 15th
??? (v2.4 patch)
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